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Matched Funding

Dear Parents, Carers and Relatives
Our school and the St Nicolas School Association, our PTA (which all parents and carers are all automatically a member) work very hard to provide extra funds for increased facilities and equipment for our children.


‘Matched Fundraising’ is where companies offer to ‘match’ funds raised by charitable organisations like PTA groups such as our SNSA. Some companies will match any fund-raising event that their employees are involved in, i.e. school disco, Summer and Christmas fairs.  For every pound raised, up to a certain amount, the company will match it.  So £400 raised suddenly becomes £800 raised - thus increasing the PTA Funds significantly!

We know the following companies offer it:  Severn Trent Water, Alliance & Leicester, The Coventry, Woolwich, Barclays Bank, Yorkshire Bank, British Gas, National Grid, Transco, HSBC, Nelson Burgess and Cummins Inc.

Do you or a family friend or relative work for any of these companies, or know of any other companies that offer Matched Funding?

Although many large businesses offer this, they don’t generally advertise this to their staff very well - so you may need to check with your Human Resources department!
Some companies also offer a payment to staff when a vital piece of equipment is required for the charitable organisation. This is sometimes known as ‘Volunteering’ funding.  
PTA Sponsorship - At our Summer Fete this year (and also at previous events), a few local businesses have generously agreed to sponsor certain stalls by paying for stock which would usually be paid for from PTA funds. For example, the meat cooked on the BBQ, the hire fees for the bouncy castle. In return, we offer a public thank you via notices on the day and the PTA section of the school letter. Those businesses that support us in this way have significantly helped increase the profits at our main fundraising event of the year.  Alternatively your employer may be prepared to donate a prize, to sponsor a future event or sponsor a specific piece of equipment.

Please let the school office know if you can help and they will then forward it to the St Nicolas School Association Committee.  Two/three Matched Funders in each year group could make a fantastic difference!

A copy of our matched funding letter is below for you to print out.
St Nicolas School Association would like to thank you all for your continued support.

P.S. If you want to help decide where funds are spent, or have any fund-raising ideas, the PTA hold regular meetings, which you are all very welcome to attend – Come along and get involved!