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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum has been designed to ensure each and every child can 'live life in all its fullness' by offering engaging and awe-inspiring learning experiences.


It is bespoke to the needs of the pupils at St Nicolas Academy, not only by focussing on subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding as outlined in the National Curriculum, but by developing a positive growth mind set, a sense of responsibility and thought-provoking topics that take them beyond the classroom.


At St Nicolas we aim to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils. Furthermore, we strive to embed the knowledge our pupils need to develop an understanding and a respect for all, both within our school community and in our wider society.


Ultimately our curriculum is intended to be:







Our exciting curriculum responds to the needs of our learners and their interests, by enhancing learning experiences and raising awareness from the local community to national and global arenas. Thus, we will develop outward-looking pupils who are confident, compassionate, articulate and knowledgeable. They will have a deep empathy and understanding of the wider world and can make a valuable contribution to society in the future.

For further information about how we support all children to access our curriculum please visit the page below: