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St Nicolas Spanish Intent


St Nicolas C of E Academy has adopted the Spanish Curriculum from the Language Angels scheme of work and resources to ensure we offer a relevant, aspirational, creative and engaging foreign languages curriculum that will inspire and excite our pupils using a wide variety of topics and themes.


All pupils will be expected to achieve their full potential by encouraging high expectations and excellent standards in their foreign language learning - the ultimate aim being that pupils will feel willing and able to continue studying languages beyond key stage 2.



Teachers use a variety of the following techniques to encourage children to have an active engagement with Spanish:

• Games – in order to develop vocabulary through repetition, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

• Role-play – these should relate to the situations the children may find themselves in the future.

• Action songs and rhymes – to develop phonetic skills, memory skills and to further vocabulary.

• Reading and writing quality materials.

• ICT programs and websites; the use of ICT to develop communication skills.

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